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After you get in youch with us and understand our product quality, price range and the way we handle the operation, you will be wishing all your vendors would be like us.


Istanbul is an ancient and modern city. Our showroom is placed at the heart of the intersection of two continents. While observing all our products at first hand, we can offer you one of Istanbul’s finest tea. Our first goal is to understand your needs for a stable and long lasting business relationship.

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Since 2010


Since 2010, our warehouse needs are being outsourced by Destek Antrepo Services which has total of over 30.000 m2 closed space at different parts of Istanbul.

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Within our 20 years of experince, we learned and mastered our skills to know that every operation has it’s own priorities and solutions. As years past, we have generated solid relations with our solution partners that are highly experienced such as Ekol, Evolog, Dsv, Cosco and Msc. Our objective is to delivery your goods on time and make your busniess more powerful.

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We can handle large orders and deliver them for you on time.

We can offer products that are rare to find and have competitive cost advantage.

We invite our customers to visit our showroom any time and hear our offers.